Bing It On, Hooray For Mozilla & GeekDad’s Dream App

A little more catchy than "In Case You Missed It #5?" We hope so! Anyway...

Bing It On

In case you need more motivation to check out alternatives to the "new" evil (Google) empire. The "old" evil (Microsoft) empire is giving everyone the opportunity to do a blind comparison of Google and Bing search results at Bing It On. Unless you run into the Bing team on the street, you won't have to give them the shirt off your back if Bing does better than Google. And, if you care to tweet about Bing It On, Microsoft is offering a big box of "awesome" Microsoft swag at

Hooray For Mozilla

Kjetil Hartveit is absolutely right about Mozilla doing the right thing by making the source code for it's iOS Sync client available on GitHub. However unlikely, we can still hope for the same from Google on the iGoogle container, the Google Gadget Editor and the theme and gadget directories. For what it's worth, Google did step up and open source Google Wave, now Apache Wave.

GeekDad's Dream App

GeekDad's got a pretty good app idea over at Wired. Would someone get on it? In that story's comments, we mentioned Kitedesk as an option. We just got our beta invite and will be evaluating features for our Alternatives list soon.


Backstitch just launched a public beta today. Don't expect much yet. But, it looks promising. Currently it's focused on integrating news, photos, social and shopping within gadgets (patterns) and a reader (threads). It does have an RSS Feed gadget. There is no mobile capability, email, calendar, OPML import, sharing or broad base of gadgets.

Good to see Google put its considerable resources into supporting all those users clamoring for the "Bacon Number" instead of iGoogle!

We've made a few more updates to our Alternatives list. This update focused on adding a few potential options, eliminating a few options and changes based on your suggestions.

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