Draft Alternatives List

Without further delay, our Alternatives list is available. Please recognize this is a work in progress. We would like it to be complete too, but it takes time to identify alternatives, define a set of criteria for consistent evaluation and complete feature verification and testing across multiple browsers and operating systems.  Many volunteer hours are going into developing the comparative alternatives list. To date, we've:

  • identified or received suggestions for 80 potential iGoogle alternatives,
  • verified and tested features for 17 alternatives,
  • eliminated 15 alternatives from the list for a variety of reasons, and
  • are working on the 48 other alternatives.

As it's not final, you won't find the list on the SaveiGoogle.org sitemap or menu. Contact Us if you think there is an alternative we missed or feature we need to consider.

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One comment on “Draft Alternatives List
  1. Silverhall says:

    For someone like me with little time to cruise and who revisits the same sites regularly from the bookmarks section, WHY WOULD IGOOGLE EVER CONSIDER ELIMINATING THE PERSONAL HOMEPAGE AND BOOKMARKS????? Isn’t the purpose of Google to serve the clientele? Or am i really being naive and unrealistic in that assumption?

    Do tell!