Our iGoogle Alternative? We’re Going Home, igHome!

iGoogle's demise is just a month away and it's time to get ready to move. Our endorsement for an iGoogle replacement is igHome!

We know, some of you may be asking, what took you so long? igHome's been out there for a year. We looked at and continued to track all of the following alternatives.

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And, like so many, we kept expecting the emergence of a personal dashboard that made iGoogle yesterday's news. igHome is quietly doing that by steadily building content, a track record of reliability, a good name and a loyal following. Read on to learn more about igHome, including our comprehensive setup guide.

igHome Operations

Prior to making our endorsement, we contacted Mike Sutton, igHome's founder and long-time iGoogle gadget developer, to learn a little bit more about igHome operations. Most important, we wanted to know about igHome operating reliability, financial sustainability and future plans.

igHome's network may not look like a Google datacenter...yet. But, it's pretty good, with "redundant servers in multiple state of the art datacenters, along with onsite and offsite backups of data." The team at SaveiGoogle.org has regularly monitored igHome's progress since it launched last year and has never experienced an outage or data loss.

Mike also told SaveiGoogle.org, "igHome operates using an ad supported model. There is one unobtrustive banner ad at the bottom of the dashboard along with ads on search results pages. The revenue generated makes igHome profitable and sustainable for the foreseeable future." igHome also allows gadget developers to run ads within their gadgets as long as they follow igHome policy.

Regarding future plans, Mike told us "we're focused on building the site infrastructure and improving performance to get ready for iGoogle's closing. Once we're comfortable with the service level, we will focus on improvements including a new weather gadget, finance portfolio gadget, and language specific versions of igHome. Users are constantly providing suggestions and we make the most popular ideas a priority. In addition, we are working with other developers to make it easier to write and submit gadgets to the igHome directory. We believe that quality, user-provided gadgets and content are the key to providing ongoing, continuous improvement of the site."

igHome reliability, a sustainable financial model and what sounds like reasonably paced development along with user engagement are priorities for Mike and his team. That should keep igHome users happy too.

igHome Setup Guide

Signup and Access
igHome operates well for desktop, laptop and tablet devices and a mobile version is in beta testing. igHome can be accessed using the following links:

  • Desktop/Laptop/Tablet: https://www.ighome.com. The link provided is a secured link. After accessing igHome, to register or login, click on the prominent blue "Sign In To Personalize" button at top right. A popup dialog box will appear. Follow the instructions to register or login. After login, igHome will redirect you to it's unsecured version. Like iGoogle, many igHome gadgets are actually hosted at sites other than igHome and the nature of their content (e.g., rss feeds and the infamous hamster gadget) should not require delivery using a secured link. After login, you can switch to the secured link if you prefer. A good way to do that is to add the secured link to igHome's black bar (more on that further below). But, recognize you may not be able to access many of igHome's gadgets in secured mode.
  • Mobile: http://www.ighome.com/mobile/. Signup using the full site is required before the mobile version of igHome can be accessed. It's still in beta testing, so don't be surprised if some content can't be accessed. For now, we're referring you to the unsecured link. The secured link (https://www.ighome.com/mobile/) does function. But, after login you aren't sent to the unsecured mobile version and the secured version currently provides minimal functionality. If you want to view the full site on your mobile device, you can do so by selecting the "View Full Site" link at the bottom of the dashboard page.


After login, it's time to get busy customizing your igHome dashboard. Almost every customization option can be accessed by selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard. Following is a description of all settings accessible via that icon, including Profile, Messages, Hide Search, Hide Share Icons, Add RSS Feed, Add Gadgets and Logout.

My Profile - Preferences

After selecting profile, you'll be taken to the preferences page were you can select your default number of columns for a tab (page), and select several default preferences for RSS feeds. Default preferences can be modified for each tab and RSS feed (more on that further below).

My Profile - Choose Theme

Following preferences is the option to choose a theme. igHome has 40 built-in themes and also allows for customization using solid colors (i.e., "Choose a custom color") or your own image (i.e., "Custom Image (URL)"). Hopefully, Mike and his team will be able to make time to add a color picker or color picker gadget. Until then, we suggest using ColorPicker.com to find a solid color you like. Note that custom images have to be hosted somewhere on the internet. If you don't have a website, add the image you want to use to a website where you store images (e.g., instagram, flickr, google drive), make the image publicly accessible and enter the image address into the box by the "Custom Image (URL)".

You can also go directly to the Choose Theme option by selecting the "Choose Theme" link on the right side of the tab bar near the top of the dashboard.

ighome-color-selectorUpdate: As pictured to the right, a theme color picker has been added to igHome. Clicking on the checkerboard area on the right side of the "Choose a custom color" input box (circled in red in the picture to the right) will display the color picker. Use the color wheel to select a color and the slider to the right of the color wheel to lighten or darken it. You may still want to use ColorPicker.com for color inspiration.

My Profile - Search Engine

Following choose theme is the option to modify the search engine used by igHome's search bar near the top left of the dashboard. We prefer to leave it set to the default (igHome results provided by Google) so that igHome gets a little revenue from Google when we click on an ad that interests us. But, there are also options for Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, and country specific Google search. Search results can also be shown "in the same tab", replacing the dashboard, or "in a new tab".

My Profile - Black Bar Links

Following search engine is the option to modify the black bar links. The black bar is similar to the Google black bar and runs across the length of the top of the dashboard. It is preset with links to Gmail, Google Calendar, Feedly, Google Bookmarks, Google Maps, Google Images, YouTube, Google News and Google Drive. Each one of those links can be modified or removed and there is room for three additional links. In addition, the links can be set to open "in the same tab" or "in a new tab".

My Profile - Change Email Address

Following black bar links is the option to change your login email address. We presume no explanation is necessary regarding the purpose of that setting.

My Profile - Change Password

Following change email address is the option to change your password. Again, we presume no explanation is necessary regarding the purpose of that setting. We do hope that Mike and his team will be able to make time to add some tips for a strong password and a password strength meter. Until then, we suggest you use pctools Secure Password Generator if you need help creating a password.

My Profile - Import from iGoogle

Following change password is the option to import your iGoogle settings. Unlike many iGoogle alternatives, no conversion steps are needed. Follow the instructions on the "Import from iGoogle" page at igHome to get your iGoogle settings and import them directly into igHome. As the instructions state, you may not be able to import many iGoogle gadgets to igHome, but you should be able to import most of your RSS feeds. Information on modifying RSS feeds, gadgets and tabs is further below.

My Profile - Import from OPML

Following import from iGoogle is the option to import an OPML file. Many news readers can generate an OPML file to allow for the export of RSS feeds from one news reader to another. You can learn more about OPML files here. To import an OPML file, follow the instructions on the "Import from OPML" page at igHome. Hopefully, Mike and his team will be able to make time to add an export to OPML option too.


Returning to the dashboard (select the igHome icon in the top left corner), then selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner, the next setting option after Profile is Messages. Messages is the equivalent of igHome's blog. Don't expect to see a lot here in the short term. Mike and his team have been pretty busy since last October 2012 building igHome.

Hide Search

Returning to the dashboard (select the igHome icon in the top left corner), then selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner, the next setting option after Messages is Hide Search. That does what you would expect. It hides the search bar at the top of the dashboard, allowing more of your dashboard to be seen without scrolling. It also hides the Add RSS Feed and Add Gadgets buttons, but see further below for another way to add them. You can unhide the search bar by selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, then selecting "Show Search".

Hide Share Icons

After selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, the next setting option after Hide Search is Hide Share Icons. That also does what you would expect. It hides the sharing icons near the top right corner of the dashboard. We don't know why you would want to do that because we know you'll want to share igHome with everyone. But if you do decide to hide the sharing icons, you have that option. You can unhide the sharing icons by selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, then selecting "Show Share Icons".

Adding and Modifying Tabs

Adding a tab (page) is done on the dashboard. Select the "Add Tab..." link on the tab bar near the top of the dashboard. A popup dialog box will appear. In that box enter the name of the tab and select the layout (number of columns). A tab's name and layout can be modified at any time by selecting the "e" (edit) icon in the top right corner of a tab when that tab is active.

Adding and Modifying RSS Feeds

After selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, the next setting option after Hide Share Icons is Add RSS Feed. Unless you've hidden the search bar, that option can also be accessed using the prominent "Add RSS Feed" button near the top right corner of the dashboard. Before selecting that option, go to the dashboard tab where you want to add the feed. After selecting "Add RSS Feed", a popup dialog box will appear. You can input an RSS address (URL) or a website address. If you input a website address, igHome is good about identifying the feed for that website as long as there is only one. If there are multiple feeds for a website, it's better to identify and input the RSS address in the dialog box. After adding a feed to a dashboard tab, you can customize it in the following ways:

  • select the title bar of a feed to drag and drop it where you want it located on a tab,
  • select the bottom border of a feed and drag it up to reduce the height of the feed or drag it down to increase the height of the feed, and
  • select the "e" (edit) icon in the top right corner of the feed to change its title, height, assigned tab, number of stories and several other options.

igHome also has a basic news reader that's a hidden feature. All feeds added to your igHome dashboard can be read at http://www.ighome.com/reader/. That's a link you might want to consider adding to igHome's black bar.

For those looking for a more powerful news reader, we recommend using Feedly in combination with igHome. By default, igHome includes a link to Feedly in the black bar. igHome also has a full-featured Feedly gadget we recommend adding to a one-column tab.

Adding and Modifying Gadgets

After selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, the next setting option after Add RSS Feed is Add Gadgets. Unless you've hidden the search bar, that option can also be accessed using the prominent "Add Gadgets" button near the top right corner of the dashboard. Before selecting that option, go to the dashboard tab where you want to add the gadget. After selecting "Add Gadgets", you will be taken to the gadget directory where you can search for gadgets or browse through directory categories. After finding a gadget you want to add, select the "Add It Now" button and you will be taken back to the dashboard tab you selected and the gadget will be added to that tab. After adding a gadget to a dashboard tab, you can customize it in the following ways:

  • select the title bar of a gadget to drag and drop it where you want it located on a tab,
  • select the bottom border of a gadget and drag it up to reduce the height of the gadget or drag it down to increase the height of the gadget, and
  • select the "e" (edit) icon in the top right corner of the gadget to change its title, height, assigned tab, header background color and header title color.

igHome also has the capability for you to create custom gadgets. In the gadget directory, look for the "Create Your Own Gadget" category at the bottom of the category list. Then, select "From a URL" or "From HTML/Javascript/Widget code" as appropriate. Custom gadgets also have a gear (settings) icon in the top right corner. Clicking on that icon allows you to make modifications to the gadget and gives you instructions on how to submit that custom gadget to the gadget directory.


After selecting the gear (settings) icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, the final setting option after Add Gadgets is Logout. We presume no explanation is necessary regarding the purpose of that option.

Other Resources

In igHome's footer (i.e., bottom of each dashboard and settings page), you'll find links to information for developers, igHome's privacy policy, and feedback and help. After selecting the feedback and help link, a popup dialog box will appear with options to browse the knowledge base, browse user feedback, submit a support request and submit feedback.

So there you have it, the most comprehensive coverage on igHome to date. It's a nearly distraction free personal dashboard that's easy to use and loaded with features. We'll see you there!

SaveiGoogle Editorial Postscripts

Since initially posting this story, igHome has experienced outages due to significantly increased activity caused by iGoogle's impending demise. They continue to increase resources to manage new user traffic and outages have generally been brief.

Please keep comments "on topic" discussing igHome and other iGoogle alternatives that have all or most personal dashboard features. Comments that are thinly veiled site promotions will be removed.

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141 comments on “Our iGoogle Alternative? We’re Going Home, igHome!
  1. Susan Winter says:

    Maybe you can answer this question since ighome hasn’t answered my email yet. I am trying to find a replacement for MyYahoo, which I used more than my igoogle page, that I really use only as an rss reader. Each feed is in a different module, and on yahoo, it shows the date (or how long ago) for each post after letting me choose the number of posts.

    I have tried to find replacements before my yahoo page permanently switches to the awful new design (which has just happened on my ipad). I have tried other tools, such as feedwind on my own website and my google sites page rss gadget, but there are always limits, for example, the sites gadget doesn’t show the dates.

    I emailed ighome to see if you can show the dates, as well as select the number of feeds and customize the look of the module, but they have not answered. Your description above gives some answers, but can you share all of the customizable options for rss feeds? I am also interested in being able to show five posts, if a scroll bar if necessary, but no images, and if text doesn’t pop on a hover (like on yahoo), then I want to show a sentence for text under the post headline.

    Thanks for your help.

    • As far as we know, dates aren’t available at this time. Many of the other options you seek are available for an individual feed gadget by selecting the “e” (for edit) button on each gadget. Please read the “Adding and Modifying RSS Feeds” in the above post for more information. If you have a lot of feeds, you may find that adding the Feedly gadget and joining Feedly is a much better way to read news feeds.

  2. jgrant911 says:

    I have been using igHome since the middle of October with mixed results. The RSS feeds work OK and the gMail gadget is basically functional but other gadgets that I want to use, notably WeatherBug, IMAP eMail and Date & Time are buggy. IMAP eMail has yet to function at all, WeatherBug continues to insist that I live in Germantown MD and Date/Time refuses to save any setup changes.

    I have submitted reports on all of these problems but so far, no fixes. I hope they can get some traction supporting this product or they may find that the general lack of polish eats away their customer base.

    • We experienced the same problem with WeatherBug. Use the Accuweather gadget instead. If you can, you may want to try the POP mail gadget instead of the IMAP mail gadget. If you’re using the Date and Time gadget from Google you shouldn’t expect it to work anymore…it’s an iGoogle gadget. Use the other date and time gadget instead.

  3. Dawn Butler says:

    Tried several alternatives, igHome is the best…thank you for your recommendation!

  4. Graham says:

    I’ve tried setting up my own wallpaper by uploading it to Flickr, and then copying the link to the Theme settings. For some reason it doesn’t save the url (entered with “http://” as specified), and the page keeps loading with a white background.
    The built-in images and colors work fine though.
    Any ideas?

    • Make sure the image is shared publicly and input the image URL, not the page URL (i.e., right click on the image and select “copy image location”, “copy image url”, “copy shortcut”, “copy image address” or equivalent depending on your browser) in the custom image input box.

      • Graham says:

        Seems my mistake was to use the share url provided by Flickr. Your “right click” “copy image location” did the job.

  5. I’m all set now with igHome…thanks for all the help.
    Now, how do I stop receiving copies of all messages and comments?

  6. mp8408 says:

    se puede cambiar el idioma de ighome al castellano

  7. sakara says:

    i have an ancient, though bought in 2007, desktop computer with the bulky old monitor and I plug my modum into my wall phone jack—I dont have any of the iphone/whatever nonsense google, and yahoo/amazon/facebook, wish to control the world with.


  8. jgunthrt says:

    When my gmail works, I noticed that it does not display the time the email was received. Does anyone know if that is just the way ighome has it set up?
    And I am hoping that someone creates a Birthday Reminder (countdown) that was similar to the one that was in igoogle. I am actually very surprised that someone hasn’t already. It was awesome!

  9. Briamah says:

    OK made the switch after sort of setting up a couple of alternatives and Ighome wins hands down. For several reasons i am able to recreate my page completely but with an added bonus. I program called IM bar that gives me back google chat on my home page without having to use a a whole box. Not going to miss Igoogle after all. The adds on Ighome are minimal and not located in a box like the ugly new My Yahoo. The the bar across the top present for some quick link all of my gadgets look good. Its even a bit more customizable then Igoogle. The problems with the mail gadget have been addressed its great. I now dont have to sign in to everything Google has to offer. Its a good fit. While I may miss Igoogle I took a few screen shots exported everything I needed 🙂
    I am home at Ighome now.

  10. Kate says:

    Since I miss Igoogle’s Theme of the Day option and the current igHome’s themes are limited, I downloaded my own URL, (Van Gogh Sunflowers,) with great results. Try it and notice the theme is prominent and much more visible than igoogle. Yeah, igHome.

  11. Ed Lipson says:

    I’ve been usin igHome for abbout a week. My main concern at this point is that on my iPad, the individual windows don’t scroll. The mobile version is ok for a smart phone, but I feel you shoild be able to get full functionality on a tablet. Am I missing something?

    • We presume by windows, you’re referring to gadgets. On an ipad, don’t expect to see a scroll bar for a gadget. Just swipe/slide your finger up and down within a gadget to scroll it.

      • Ed Lipson says:

        I take your point re. gadgets vs. windows – sorry. So on my iPad, the “gadgets are arrayed and swiping/sliding moves the entire screen, not the content within the gadget. Per another comment, I may try to heighten the windows, but it seems like the gadgets are not “live” in iOS they way they are in Safari on my Mac. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and respond.

      • I have set up account on my iPad, but the weather and radar are blank. Do I need to change settings? Thanks

    • John says:

      Try making your gadget’s height taller as a default, just click in the (e) to do this, I set most of my heights to 350 or 400 and they look much better on my iPad.

  12. falseusername says:

    Imported from iGoogle and was up and running in 10 minutes. Nice to see i didn’t lose anything in the transition. Pity you cannot resize the gadgets, especially if you choose to view only 3 headlines in news feeds. Otherwise top notch ;).

  13. Winnie says:

    I like igHome which is the closest alternative to iGoogle but igHome doesn’t have apps from Lab Pixies… they are the coolest apps so do you know how I can add them to my new igHome page? And they don’t have Quotes (Love, Motivational, etc) to add and also it won’t let me upload my favorite picture for background.. . how do I do that? Thanks.

    • As we’ve said in other comments, Labpixies was acquired by Google for talent, not the gadgets. Don’t expect Labpixies gadgets to survive iGoogle. Google terminated functionality outside of iGoogle for most of the gadgets it authored a while ago. Regarding quote gadgets, we’re not sure how you missed them. Do a search in the gadget directory or just go to this link: http://www.ighome.com/directory.aspx?q=quote There are dozens of quote gadgets! Regarding uploading your favorite picture, we explained how to do it in the “My Profile – Choose Theme” section of the guide above.

  14. Larry says:

    IGHOME seems to be ok, however my mail is unstable. I use gmail.. Sometimes I get an error message, often it wants me to sign in again. I try to set up my wife to ighome as well and it does but she gets my mail. I am also trying to set up her Ipad as well. It’s been very difficult.

  15. I do not like igHomes Google search, it goes to a filtered search that is not as well displayed.. I searched for Test… About 275,000,000 results from igHome and iGoogle has About 1,810,000,000 results And the list of results are not the same.. SO I assume a different code is being used in the search.

  16. Bill D says:

    Very happy to have stumbled across your website in my search for a replacement for iGoogle. I hope to contribute to the growth of igHome to become something even better. Thanks for distilling the universe of choices down to a single recommendation… lot’s of work you have done here!

  17. TinaW says:

    I’m wondering why the search bar erases letters. I’ll be typing something and the cursor backtracks and erases letters without me doing anything. Then I have to backspace and fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? It only happens in ighome in the search bar.

  18. tair says:

    wie kann ich die Sprache auf deutsch umstellen

  19. Mare says:

    First of all, thank you SaveiGoogle for everything. I was really hoping Google might reconsider, but now I am ready to slink off to igHome.

    Only I have tried the export/import 12 times, and it never works. I tried FireFox, and then I tried Chrome. The XML file shows up fine in my downloads, with the correct name from here: http://www.google.com/ig/settings . It takes several minutes of spinning at igHome (http://www.ighome.com/profile/ImportIGoogle.aspx ), and then it announces there’s nothing there. However, when I preview at iGoogle, I can see all of the coding for my 140+ feeds.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Gratefully Yours,

    Unrecovering iGoogle Addict Mare

  20. Lacee says:

    How do I make igHome my default page in Internet Explorer after iGoogle shuts down?

  21. Gail says:

    Thanks so much for your help here! I have one question — adding the Google calendar was REALLY important to me, and I have transferred it over somewhat successfully. I display it in the “Agenda” mode, so I can see birthdays, etc. coming up. On iGoogle, it displayed all the built-in holidays as well, but when I installed it on igHome, I see only the dates I’ve added myself. I have a feeling this is an easy fix that I can’t seem to find. Do you have an answer for me? Thanks!

  22. tau5 says:

    Thanks for creating igHome.
    The Horoscope gadget on my igHome page continues to return the following error message: “Data not available. Try again”.
    This gadget is working on my iGoogle page.
    Appreciate a resolution.

  23. davey says:

    Ighome is set up and working well, in some cases better than igoogle (more rss feeds, for example). I have one problem and one question still:

    Is there any way to get either the google calendar gadget with the list of upcoming events, or an alternative to it? The Ighome “google calendar” is just a link to the main calendar, not the gadget. I really depended on the gadget for getting a simple view of what’s coming up without scrolling through full-page calendar pages.

    Also, just curious about why do we need Feedly? Ighome has way more rss options than anyone could possible use. Or is feedly already built in, and that’s what we’re using even though there’s a separate Feedly gadget? Right now I’m perfectly happy without Feedly, but wonder if I’m missing something.

    Other than the calendar disappointment, I”m not missing igoogle nearly as much as I expected. Good call, guys.

    • We think igHome may have modified the Google calendar gadget in the past few days to resolve your question. It now includes tabs for week, month and agenda views.

      You’re right about the rss options built into igHome. They’re all most users will need. But, many users prefer using a dedicated news reader to view news, so we suggested the Feedly gadget in our setup guide.

  24. jgunthrt says:

    So far I am not happy with Ighome. I have tried many times to transfer my igoogle to ighome without success. I am so disappointed that it does not have the birthday count down from labpixies/google. This is essential for an organized home page. Google calendar’s layout does not show todays events under the calendar. Every time I log in, I have to reenter my zip code for the weather. Why can we not pick a movie gadget that is associated with our zip code like we could before? This seems simple enough. Also, the daily horoscope (Rick Levine) will not link to appear on the home page. It only appears as a news feed with “headlines” from the main website.
    Very disappointed with all alternative options,

    • Sorry to hear you’re not happy with igHome or ANY alternative. We don’t like it and the vast majority of iGoogle users don’t like it, but it’s pretty clear iGoogle is going away in eight days. Even though igHome offers them for convenience, we don’t know why anyone would choose to put Google authored gadgets (including Labpixies) on their igHome dashboard at this point. Google apparently terminated functionality outside of iGoogle recently for many of the gadgets they authored and the team at igHome hasn’t had time to remove them. We can’t explain why you’re having trouble with the weather gadget. It could be the way your browser is configured (e.g., browser cleanup at close that deletes cookies), but you can contact the team at igHome for help using the Feedback & Help link at the bottom of any page. The Flixster gadget (http://www.ighome.com/directory.aspx?g=1325) will allow you to find movies near your zip code, just click on the theaters icon. If you want a better horoscope gadget, use the Feedback & Help link to search if it’s been requested, then vote for it. If it hasn’t been requested, request it and get other people to vote for it.

      • jgunthrt says:

        Thank you for responding to my posting and for your suggestions. I know you have all tried to assist everyone during this frustrating transition and you are very much appreciated.
        I am not a big computer person. I do not have Facebook or Twitter and I generally use the computer for email or research (I still only use a flip phone). However, I have come to depend on the convenience of the calendars (reminders, etc.) and the organization of photo storage. You have your familiar settings that you use daily.
        Through the years I have had to deal with the growing/changing technology all around me and frankly I am fed up. I wish I could go back to having to print my photos to see them, and using an address book, calendar and a pencil. At least these were dependable.
        I will continue to try to get familiar with Ighome because of your comment. Again, I appreciate your efforts.

  25. michael b. says:

    thank you very much. the ig is working great.
    i have been struggling to export the igoogle gagets for too many hours.
    i really, really hate google.
    your site is a great help.

  26. KSE says:

    Has ighome been able to work out a solution for Listy??

  27. Janet Mitchell says:

    Just set up ighome. Got most of my favorite gadgets back. Thanks so much for doing all the investigation to recommend an igoogle alternative.

  28. Josephine Porter says:

    Have set up IGHome and am pleased but I can’t figure out how to add an icon for my IPad like I have for iGoogle so can easily just go to it. Am not tech savvy but no app in app store that I can locate. I could be missing some easy step as I can’t recall how I originally set up IGoogle as a icon along the bottom of my desktop. Thank you for any assistance.

  29. OK, I opened my account and set up my igHome as I wanted it, but how do I make sure that my igHome page appears as my Home Page? At this time, when I log on my computer and click on START, at the very top of the menu is my Google Chrome link and clicking on that takes me direct to my iGoogle Home Page with all the gadgets, RSS feeds and Bookmarks I need/want. I want to do the same for the igHome page.

  30. gr8in83 says:

    My yahoo looks really nice as well im mean really nice !!

    • We agree that My Yahoo may work for a large group of iGoogle users, but here’s our assessment made in a previous comment:

      The new my.yahoo.com. What can we say? Marissa Mayer was one of the people that brought us iGoogle. We expected that CEO of a multibillion dollar company to direct creation of the equivalent of an iGoogle 2.0. Instead, my.yahoo.com got a reskin that looks a lot like igHome along with a limited gadget library. We know a lot of long-time my.yahoo.com users are disappointed too. And, the unmoveable advertising widget in the top right position is just plain annoying.

      • Glenn says:

        All of the alternatives have their drawbacks or major differences from iGoogle. I am still baffled as to their reasoning for axing it in the first place. It can’t cost much to leave it running. It’s like they delight in pissing off their users for no particular reason other than arrogance.

        I initially really liked the look of myYahoo as well. But the complete lack of gadgets/apps/widgets/whatever you want to call them is a major problem for myYahoo as well as many of the other alternatives, including ighome. I’m honestly not sure what to do at this point. Since none of the alternatives really offer what I am used to having it is very confounding.

        Maybe if you are running Windows 8 you can have many of the same things on your start page or whatever the call the main page. But not all of us are using Windows 8.

  31. Peter says:

    Why cant i get teh gmail to work. I tried teh pop setting pop.gmail.com port 995 and nada. I want to be able at glance see the mail that comes in on my home page in ighome.. Any help appreciated.. Also anyone find the google chat gadget? I used to have it on igoogle to the left to see everyone signed in and i use it for interoffice communication… UGH :(..

  32. This app is unusably buggy. The date and time app has a broken save button and searching the web shows months old complaints about the same thing with no resolution posted.

    BTW who uses windows server for websites in this day and age?

  33. davey says:

    This is almost OT, but I’m really curious about Symbaloo. A lot of people seem to love it, but I don’t get its purpose. There are a few widgets that bring in limited news headlines, but most seem to just send you over to a full website like Amazon or Yahoo or Youtube. All of which my browser can already do. And with Firefox’s search bar I can just select from a long list of dictionaries, stores, search engines, etc, and get a specific answer. So what does Symbaloo bring to the mix? Not knocking it at all, just not understanding what it adds to what any browser can already do.

    If Firefox and the rest could figure out how to put stuff on the same page they could produce a perfect homepage. Bet they’re working on it.

    • Not OT since you’re not promoting it. Symbaloo has it’s place and we even list it as an iGoogle alternative in the fine print. It has a pretty big following in K-8 education too (which is their primary revenue source through SymbalooEDU). However, it’s not a full-featured dashboard. From our perspective, it’s primarily an online bookmarking site with RSS feeds and a few “commonly” used gadgets. Also, they aren’t completely upfront when they say they have no advertising. For search, they use Google custom search, so they get a percentage of the revenue Google generates from any ads when someone uses it. That’s not a problem, igHome uses Google custom search too, just disclose it.

  34. Happy igHomer says:

    Thanks for the tips! The Savage Chickens cartoon isn’t readable but at least you get a thumbnail image. Will vote for the feedback item.

  35. davey says:

    Thanks for a great and helpful resource for igoogle refugees. I’ll be exploring ighome in the next couple weeks and probably settling on it (assuming the speed problem is fixed by then). The stupid decision to end igoogle was a painful shock, but now it’s beginning to feel kind of liberating. In the end it won’t hurt abandoned users as much as it will google, now that they are no longer the most trustworthy Web presence

    Right now all I need from igoogle is the calendar, which is apparently easily moved to ighome. I’ll be looking for alternatives for the badly developed docs/drives, and get to explore a maybe-better rss feed. Wunderground.com would make for a great weather feed if available. Otherwise, Firefox still has regular ol’ bookmarks so no big deal.

  36. Steve says:

    My gmail widget is ok, but my mail viewer widget is set for a hotmail acct, and it works about 40% of the time. The rest it shows the login screen and after I enter the pw , the save seems to do nothing.

    • Whether using the POP3 gadget (http://www.ighome.com/directory.aspx?g=6657) or IMAP gadget (http://www.ighome.com/directory.aspx?g=14801), make sure you’re using the current outlook.com (hotmail) settings found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/outlook/send-receive-from-app. Go to the “Apps that support POP3 and SMTP” or “Apps that support IMAP and SMTP” section as appropriate.

      igHome’s POP3 gadget has an “example” server setting of pop3.live.com. Change it. We haven’t seen any problems when using the most current settings for an email service.

      • Steve says:

        It’s the POP3 widget. I changed the server name to pop-mail.outlook.com and it worked for awhile, then it was back to the login screen, and the Login button seems non-responsive even when all the fields are filled in. Over the past few hours, I see my email in the widget 30-40% of the time, the rest is the “Email Viewer for igHome form. Could it be that I’m logged in to igHome on my Ipad and on my PC? Any other ideas?

        • That could be but we wouldn’t think so. We frequently use the same ID across a number of devices at the same time and have never had a problem. We suspect it could be your browsers’ privacy or security settings might be a bit too restrictive. Maybe the igHome team has had other users experience the problem you’re having and have solved it. Use the Feedback & Help link found at the bottom of any igHome page.

      • blondee47 says:

        I would love to see a cleaner more readable font. I know the size can be changed but it does nothing for the font itself

    • davey says:

      Is there any way to add a local mail reader like Thunderbird to the home page? If there are multiple accounts, Tbird (or something like it) works far better than any homepage app I’ve seen. Of course it’s not exactly oppressive to have to open the email client separately.

      One big advantage of using a client program is that it stores your mail locally so you don’t have to worry that Google/whoever will just decide to zap your cloud-stored stuff.

      • The short answer is not really. The long answer is that running an executable file within a browser or from a link (i.e., forget using the igHome black bar or a bookmark gadget) is a huge security risk and browsers don’t do it. If you really want to, you might be able to accomplish it using an ActiveX control (Internet Explorer only) or in conjunction with a service like spoon.net. If you can access email using a webmail client, you might get lucky and be able to create a Custom Gadget (URL) that works. But, a lot of webmail clients, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com and about a half dozen other webmail clients we tried, use framekillers, so don’t count on that working either. With a webmail client, you can add a link to the igHome black bar or a bookmark gadget.

  37. Happy igHomer says:

    igHome was my final choice too after looking at a few of the alternatives. It’s just too bad I can’t click on a triangle on the right side to read the whole article on my Atlantic gadgets or see the “Savage Chickens” cartoon by Doug Savage even though I have the gadget set to show images.

    It did start showing images in some of my other gadgets that used to be plain text in iGoogle….

  38. pixiedust says:

    I love it, I have tried several igoogle replacements and most are crap, this is just what I was looking for, thank you!!

  39. jcbdigger says:

    I spent ages yesterday setting up igHome to replicate (and improve) my iGoogle page, by the end of the day I was quite happy.

    Move to today and for the last few hours all I have been getting is a “HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable” message and an otherwise blank page!

    Maybe igHome cannot cope with the increased load. So its back to the drawing board on your recommended iGoogle replacement I think!

    • We won’t be going back to the drawing board for a temporary outage. While we recommend being a little patient, of course, you have the option of checking the alternatives in the fine print or those noted throughout SaveiGoogle.org and other sources. Feedly had some downtime and slow response periods too after it became the “go to” alternative for Google Reader. And, some Feedly smartphone widgets are still inoperable.

  40. birdhall says:

    Down. 503 – Unavailable. That right there is a flaw that iGoogle never has, or ever will have!

    • A temporary outage for a growing site dwarfed by Google isn’t nearly as bad as the permanent 301 redirect iGoogle will have in 23+ days. Google Reader shows what we get to look forward to with its 301 redirect.

      • JohnR says:

        Which other products make SaveiGoogle final cuts before selecting ighome. Surely you should be willing to share that information. Or do you have a financial interest in the success of ighome??

        • John, we already answered your question on other products that we considered. Please scroll down the page to find our response.

          SaveiGoogle has no ownership interest in igHome and it’s overall financial interest is negligible. At the request of users, one team member’s company has ported their iGoogle gadgets to igHome. The ad revenue those gadgets are expected to generate at igHome represent less than 1% of the revenue for that team member’s company. Costs to maintain the gadgets will likely exceed revenues, but they can afford to do so and recognize they receive some intrinsic benefits that may be priceless.

  41. error says:

    Ighome is good, serves my purposes now that igoogle is on the way out.

    Use Tabs to organize your stuff, then it runs pretty smoothly.

  42. Hans Meier says:

    igHome is an alternative to iGoogle, but not as nice as iGoogle is.
    Don’t know what to do, I loved iGoogle, but igHome doesn’t realy suits…
    I loved the good old look of iGoogle.

  43. blondee47 says:

    I have successfully downloaded my entire igoogle into igHome. However some of the feed links don’t update and when I click on them 1 of 2 happens. It tells me to add to toolbar …the other is when i click on an article of any of my gadgets especially the Eater gadget I am sent elsewhere.

    Why is that?

  44. Adam says:

    Unfortunately, igHome lacks the rss gadget that comes native with igoogle. Specifically, if you go to igoogle, click “add gadget”, then choose “Add feed or gadget”, and then enter an RSS feed – you get an awesome gadget, which is very compact (unlike MSN’s, yahoo’s, etc), and shows headlines only unless you click on the arrow next to the headline, in which case it opens the summary right there in the gadget. It’s ultra compact, but easy to use. I love it!
    igHome lacks this. They claim to offer an alternative (as http://www.ighome.com/directory.aspx?g=74761), but it doesn’t work right. I can enter my custom RSS links in it, but when I restart the computer, I lose them all! (I have cookies enabled and am always using the same account; I really don’t understand why I lose the rss feed each time.)

    My favourite feature of igoogle was those rss gadgets. Without it, I am lost :(.

    • We suggest you read the section in our guide on “Adding and Modifying RSS Feeds” carefully. The gadget in igHome for adding individual feeds (i.e., the “Add RSS Feed” button) is nearly identical to the gadget in iGoogle. However, you referenced a feed reader gadget. If you’re looking for a feed reader, follow our instructions to integrate Feedly. Incidentally, Google did away with Google Reader, it’s feed reader, on July 1.

      • Adam says:

        I apologize if my post was not clear. I am not referring to the Google Reader, or any gadget of that sort.
        If one clicks on “Add RSS Feed” in igHome, what appears is similar to what I can obtain from iGoogle, but unfortunately, lacking in what I regard as the most important ingredient. Specifically, with igHome, one has the option of either displaying headlines only (with no access to the summaries – the only thing one can do is click on the headline to be redirected to the actual article) or displaying ALL headlines and summaries at the same time.
        With iGoogle, one had a different option: only the headlines are shown at first, but to the left of each headline is a small button, which upon being clicked expands the item and shows the summary of just that very item.
        In this way, things are compact, but yet contain all desired summary information with the mere click on a button.
        It is that which I find lacking in igHome. (Incidentally, MSN has it to some degree, but lacks in other ways.)

  45. 1tadoah1 says:

    I’m loving ighome, and have moved most of my feeds and gadgets there, but it has stopped letting me add the rest. Does ighome have a limit on how many feeds you can have?

    • Not that we’re aware. Have you tried putting them on a different tab. It’s never a good idea to have too many gadgets on a single page because it slows down load time…even iGoogle has that problem. If putting gadgets on a separate tab doesn’t work, go to the “feedback and help” link at the bottom of the igHome page. If you have a lot of feeds, you may want to consider signing up for Feedly. igHome integrates well with Feedly and we explain how to use it as a gadget in igHome in the “Adding and Modifying RSS Feeds” of our guide.

  46. Mrs magoo says:

    Is there anything that has UK orientation – everything seems to be USA

  47. dr. dean says:

    Anyway to add a google tasks widget to ighome? the gadget they offer doesn’t seem to work,and also has an expiration date remark saying it won’t be there long anyways 🙁

  48. James says:

    ADD openID support… I want to login with my google account to keep things simple.

  49. I refuse to admit that iGoogle’s going away!

  50. photofill says:

    Looks like more ighome troubles.. HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. Super slow and now down. Does anyone have an idea how many people use igoogle? Maybe that should have been considered for those who would be looking for something new? I’d think ighome would want to have all this done already so they were ready for high traffic loads.

    • igHome is back up and the server notice is removed. We hope it means they were able to add more resources earlier than scheduled.

      • JohnR says:

        Did you consider “scalability” when selecting ighome? Who’s to say that they ever will be able to handle the TENS of thousands of new users that will now come their way, many via your endorsement? ighome looks to be heading for complete burnout on the pad.

        • Read the interview section of our story, but frankly, no site, not even Google, could be fully prepared for the wave of traffic that hit igHome starting Tuesday morning. And, keep in mind mighty Google has outages…three of them recently: a 12 hour Gmail outage on September 23 that affected at least 10 million users, a near total global outage of at least five minutes on August 16, and another total outage for many users for over an hour on July 10.

          While we’d like to take credit for igHome’s increased traffic, we’re not so vain. They show up ahead of us on a search for “iGoogle alternative” or “iGoogle replacement.” The real culprit is the “iGoogle Reminder Dialog Bomb” that launched at midnight PDT on Tuesday with no advance warning to anyone. It sent iGoogle users scrambling. We’ve purposely avoided communicating with the igHome team so they can focus on managing their increased traffic. FWIW, we emailed them on Tuesday morning at 8am EDT to let them know we were delaying our announcement until 2pm EDT on Tuesday. At that time, they told us they had already received over two times their normal daily traffic. We finished Tuesday with 22 times our normal daily traffic. We can only imagine what they’ve had to manage.

  51. John > says:

    Obviously the author of this site is not aware of the server power and bandwidth required to feed this page to millions of users.

  52. JohnR says:

    What other iGoogle alternatives made your final cut?

    ighome is a good choice of course, but knowing other good ones can be quite helpful to me and your visitors.

    • We considered netvibes.com, protopage.com igoogleportal.com and the new my.yahoo.com as the other top contenders.

      Netvibes was an early contender, but they don’t do a good job of curating their gadget library…a problem we always had with iGoogle. And, we don’t like that they fail to clearly disclose their “pay to play” revenue model on gadget directory positioning.

      Protopage was another early contender, but their gadget (widget) library is limited and not well-curated. And, we don’t like that they don’t disclose their revenue model (i.e., top of page advertising or monthly fee) until you use the site for 30 days.

      igoogleportal.com could be strong competition for igHome, given a little more time. But, their gadget (widget) library is limited. While it’s supposed to allow for custom gadgets, we can’t figure out where that feature is located. FWIW, their revenue model relies on Google custom search. Like igHome, they get a share of revenue from advertising generated by their internet search feature.

      The new my.yahoo.com. What can we say? Marissa Mayer was one of the people that brought us iGoogle. We expected that CEO of a multibillion dollar company to direct creation of the equivalent of an iGoogle 2.0. Instead, my.yahoo.com got a reskin that looks a lot like igHome along with a limited gadget library. We know a lot of long-time my.yahoo.com users are disappointed too. And, the unmoveable advertising widget in the top right position is just plain annoying.

  53. Ukko says:

    I’d like a weather gadget that fills the available space.

    • Again, regarding the weather gadget, our interview with Mike Sutton included “Once we’re comfortable with the service level, we will focus on improvements including a new weather gadget”. If there are specific features you’d like to see, suggest them using the feedback and help link at igHome.

  54. loki says:

    I have disabled my autoload to ighome because today it doesn;t even load anymore (only waited 2mins tho each try) Oh hey a message saying they are having difficulties and ordered more servers….COOL! After this weekend should be fine.

  55. I want to know how its being funded….

    • Per our interview… Mike also told SaveiGoogle.org, “igHome operates using an ad supported model. There is one unobtrustive banner ad at the bottom of the dashboard along with ads on search results pages. The revenue generated makes igHome profitable and sustainable for the foreseeable future.”

  56. Alan says:

    iGHome needs to get the Google Weather widget – it’s the only one that allows multiple locations, which was a real plus for anyone who travels as much as I do.

    Also not seeing any “Import from iGoogle” settings – on IGHome. Am I reading your post wrong?

    • Regarding the weather widget, our interview with Mike Sutton included “Once we’re comfortable with the service level, we will focus on improvements including a new weather gadget”. If there are specific features you’d like to see, suggest them using the feedback and help link at igHome.

      Regarding “import from iGoogle”, it’s our understanding the igHome team had to take that and the OPML import down temporarily while they add more network resources because those import tools consume a lot of resources. The import tools should be available again in plenty of time to migrate before iGoogle closes. While you’re waiting, you can retrieve the iGoogle file needed for import to igHome by doing the following: Go to iGoogle. Then, select iGoogle settings at the gear icon near the top right corner. Go to the bottom of the settings page and sellect the “Export” button to “Export iGoogle settings to your computer”

      FWIW, the igHome team knew we were going to endorse them about a week ago and were prepared with the hardware needed to support the extra load. However, Google didn’t give advanced warning to anyone about their “iGoogle Dialog Bomb” reminder today and it obviously created chaos among iGoogle users along with unprecedented traffic at igHome and other iGoogle alternatives. At SaveiGoogle.org, we saw 22 times our normal daily traffic. When we contacted the team at igHome early this morning to let them know we were going to help them out and delay our endorsement for a few hours, they had already seen twice their normal daily traffic. Even with the delay, we referred over 100 times more users to igHome today than we normally do. Apparently, the igHome team had an unenviable decision to make. They could temporarily remove some resource intense functionality like the iGoogle import until they could add more resources or run the risk of crashing igHome. They did make the right choice.

      • writergwen says:

        Thank you for ALL your help! I’m one of those last minute reluctant unhappy-with-google “switchovers”, I just freaked out when my igoogle settings wouldn’t load, but you’ve just calmed my fears. I appreciate all that the team at ighome is doing too. Blessings!

  57. darkerbob says:

    Good call. I came to the same conclusion last night after trying out NetVibe, Protopage, MyMsn (Yuck), Yahoo (double Yuck!) and a couple of others. For me, Protopage came in #2 except for it’s weird gmail client that seems to show a random selection of only new messages from my inbox. If they fix that up I will look at it again.

  58. Mister Mister says:

    LOVE ighome! It’s very very slow today though, apparently because or ridiculous traffic following your recommendation! That’s actually good news, they just have to get the server balance optimized. Good stuff.

    • mark says:

      Have been using igHome for a few weeks now. Just started getting pop-up windows when clicking on links to open a new tab, pop-up video ads in lower right-corner of new tab, and ad links overlaid on plain text within apps and search results. All are tied to ‘Great Arcade Hits’. Is this igHome’s ad service? Or is this some third-party malware??