iGoogle Mobile Is Dead! Developer Signals Google To Foff!

In case anyone is still hoping it's a bad joke, What's happening to iGoogle? is being delivered. "Phase one" of iGoogle's retirement is moving forward, albeit slowly.  At 9:16pm MDT last night we took the screenshot to the left. iGoogle mobile was still working. We checked again at 11:05pm MDT last night and several times this morning on iPhones and Android phones. The iGoogle icon is still there, but it unceremoniously takes us to the Google mobile search (Web) page instead of iGoogle. At least one user "didn't get the memo".

We also submitted a test gadget to the gadget directory this morning expecting it to be rejected, as reported at our exclusive on Spring Cleaning Does Include Google Gadgets! But, the gadget directory appears to continue to accept new gadgets. We'll continue to watch this and report when the situation changes.

In other news, there's already been one defection of note from the gadget developer ranks. The developer known as Gadgeteer has apparently eliminated support of all things Google (well, at least Blogger and Gadgets) and has left some unhappy users in his wake.

This development does present the opportunity for a couple of questions. How would you react if gadget developers flee for the exits and abandon iGoogle overnight? Instead, what if developers organize monthly temporary blackout campaigns? Without getting into technical details, please be aware each campaign would need to last for three to four days for full effect because Google caches (stores) developer code for about 24 hours. Is it something iGoogle users will understand and support?  Will you be willing to flood the iGoogle Personal Homepage forum and Google phone lines on those days with complaints?


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2 comments on “iGoogle Mobile Is Dead! Developer Signals Google To Foff!
  1. Tom says:

    I’m glad there are people who are trying to save iGoogle. However I think it is clear Google isn’t going to change their mind. It is time to focus on finding or developing a replacement.

    • Hopefully, no one is delusional about this. The likelihood of convincing Google to revive iGoogle is remote. That is why SaveiGoogle.org is presenting alternatives and should be releasing the most comprehensive list of alternatives available on the net next week…33 and counting.

      While Google is providing a 16 month sunset period, they have failed to provide an orderly exit for tens of millions of active users. It’s like sending a “Dear John” letter along with the audacity of appearing gracious by “letting” everyone be “friends with benefits” for 16 months. And, Google should expect to continue to get the bashing it is receiving from users for a long time.