Necessity Is The Mother Of Creativity #1

As traditional news venues lose interest in iGoogle retirement and Google continues to maintain its passive aggressive stance, you may wonder how we're going to keep things fresh.

  • Keep you informed on Save iGoogle Campaign developments.
  • Release an extensive list of iGoogle alternatives by the end of August. The list will include a feature comparison and each alternative has to be multi-platform capable (i.e., multi-browser, multi-OS and multi-hardware).
  • Publish an in-depth review of one or two of those alternatives each week.
  • Continue to scour the Web for stories you may have missed.

There should be no shortage of blogosphere stories. There are plenty of savvy people who like to publish what they're doing. Many of the stories don't have the detail to be included in our "How To" page and series, but we're finding plenty of creativity.  Without further ado, you may want to check out:

We recognize many users have no interest in spinning up a website whether it be self-hosted, Blogger, Google Sites or otherwise (but these are just ideas, you don't have to try them). And, if we were Patricia, we would have also talked about pinning browser tabs with Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer users can pin to the taskbar in Windows 7, but Safari users are out of luck). As for Flipboard, we enjoy using the "social magazine" app as a leisurely alternative to an RSS Reader, but think Feedly is as good and a better multi-platform alternative since it supports iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari and Firefox (sorry Internet Explorer users).

As always, feel free to comment on this story or Contact Us if you have something to say.

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4 comments on “Necessity Is The Mother Of Creativity #1
  1. I really appreciate the thought and effort folks have put into this. My situation – and concern about the loss of iGoogle – revolves around different Gmail logins: a personal login, a work login, a freelance login. iGoogle is the absolute best way to quickly and easily pull up a dashboard of relevant material for each persona: tasks, calendar, Gmail, docs.

    No amount of setting up browser tabs is going to replace that.

    I would love to hear from anyone else using iGoogle primarily for personal dashboards when they’re working with different environments. This is where it is unique. Can’t be replaced by Netvibes, or Flipboard, or any other solution tied to one login.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree

    • Lanny Arvan says:

      Hmmm. Not sure you should trust this, but I’m one of the people cited in the post. I don’t use iGoogle to solve that issue. I use different browsers – one per personality. Of course there are limits to that. But at the moment, it works for me.