The “Save iGoogle Campaign” Begins was conceived at a gathering of friends on the night of the iGoogle retirement announcement and put into motion with a simple page of resources on the following day. We were founded as a community effort, attempting to bring iGoogle users and developers together to Save iGoogle. We provide original content and information from around the Web about iGoogle and personal dashboard alternatives.

Weeks in the making, we announce the launch of the Save iGoogle Campaign! We invite everyone to join us in efforts to Save iGoogle and thank you for your help! For iGoogle users, the campaign lists recommended actions and resources and explains monthly iGoogle Blackout Days which will begin on October 1, 2012. For iGoogle developers, several tools are provided at Developer Tools, including code for the "Save iGoogle" ribbon, gadget MiniMessages and iGoogle Blackout Days.

For those who have created "Save iGoogle" resources that are not mentioned in the campaign, many thanks and please continue your efforts. They won't go unnoticed. As appropriate, we'll make note in our blog, resources page, how to page or other content.

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3 comments on “The “Save iGoogle Campaign” Begins
  1. Ray says:

    Sign the petition here: we need 5,000,000 signed before the deadline! Spread the word! We have about 8,000 signed already so sign now if you wanna keep iGoogle alive!

  2. I really liked iGoogle and hate it that I can’t get it now.

  3. Nice to see this initiative. Any gadget developers would love to save iGoogle.