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The Grim Reaper Is Coming For iGoogle!

Happy Halloween! We probably need say no more, but the iGoogle gadget makers on our team are amazed that yesterday they still saw traffic that was about 50% of “normal”. What is everyone waiting for? You had to have gotten

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iGoogle Dialog Bomb Has Users Running For Alternatives! SaveiGoogle Endorsement Delayed!

The following little gem popping up on iGoogle dashboards worldwide has given users a less than subtle reminder about the eminent demise of iGoogle…one month to go. The resulting user response has inundated several iGoogle alternatives with new traffic and

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What Have We Been Doing? This, That and November SaveiGoogle Day

Over the past month, we haven’t been hiding under a rock. There just hasn’t been much to write. Sure, we could have announced updates to the list or talked about when we made news. But, we didn’t see either as

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Save iGoogle Days Begin November 2! Google Blackout Days Cancelled!

Unlike Google, we take your input seriously! A Stop SOPA style monthly gadget blackout sounded like a good idea at the time, but will just add to user angst like that caused by Labpixies (a Google company) premature termination of

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Bing It On, Hooray For Mozilla & GeekDad’s Dream App

A little more catchy than “In Case You Missed It #5?” We hope so! Anyway… Bing It On In case you need more motivation to check out alternatives to the “new” evil (Google) empire. The “old” evil (Microsoft) empire is

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #4

Those looking for an iGoogle replacement have a new developer to watch! Josh Jordan has declared in iGoogle Discontinued – I might recreate it!: …I have started to turn the cogs on this project. I have some really interesting ideas

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The “Save iGoogle Campaign” Begins was conceived at a gathering of friends on the night of the iGoogle retirement announcement and put into motion with a simple page of resources on the following day. We were founded as a community effort, attempting to bring

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What’s A Mouse To Do?

When in a position of strength, feign weakness! And bring a lot more mice! Have a great weekend! Stop by Monday morning to learn more and help with an act of defiance! Many thanks to Adrian Bruce for the free

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Why Save iGoogle? – Media Scout And Useful On More Platforms Than An Olympic Diver

While the uses for iGoogle may be limitless, here are a couple more published examples for how people use iGoogle: Janet Temos discussed its use as media monitoring service (press clipping agency), and Randy Metcalfe commented on its cross-browser, operating

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #3

One month in and we’re still seeing new third-party stories about iGoogle’s retirement..two good ones last week… This week’s gold goes to iGoogle Retiring by Alderin. Anyone want to encourage Alderin to cobble together 1,000 lines of code? Makes me

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