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Bing It On, Hooray For Mozilla & GeekDad’s Dream App

A little more catchy than “In Case You Missed It #5?” We hope so! Anyway… Bing It On In case you need more motivation to check out alternatives to the “new” evil (Google) empire. The “old” evil (Microsoft) empire is

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Google Creates Another Storm By Killing Weather API

Earlier this week, The Next Web reported Google quietly killed it’s Weather API (the API is what makes Google’s iGoogle Weather gadget work). For most iGoogle users, killing the API was no big deal. Google quietly replaced it in the

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #4

Those looking for an iGoogle replacement have a new developer to watch! Josh Jordan has declared in iGoogle Discontinued – I might recreate it!: …I have started to turn the cogs on this project. I have some really interesting ideas

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Necessity Is The Mother Of Creativity #1

As traditional news venues lose interest in iGoogle retirement and Google continues to maintain its passive aggressive stance, you may wonder how we’re going to keep things fresh. Keep you informed on  developments. Release an extensive list of iGoogle alternatives

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #3

One month in and we’re still seeing new third-party stories about iGoogle’s retirement..two good ones last week… This week’s gold goes to iGoogle Retiring by Alderin. Anyone want to encourage Alderin to cobble together 1,000 lines of code? Makes me

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Is There A Portal Ready For The Jump?

Good question. We’re not sure yet. On first look, Netvibes and Protopage show the most promise for users and developers. Meeting the needs of both groups is important for a practical iGoogle replacement. Then, there’s Webwag or someone may step

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #1

Here are the top three Save iGoogle stories from last week. is not a news organization. So, if you want fair and balanced, get it at the . Gold: iGoogle goes byeGoogle in move Google users are hating –

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