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Bing It On, Hooray For Mozilla & GeekDad’s Dream App

A little more catchy than “In Case You Missed It #5?” We hope so! Anyway… Bing It On In case you need more motivation to check out alternatives to the “new” evil (Google) empire. The “old” evil (Microsoft) empire is

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In Case You Missed It – Top Stories #4

Those looking for an iGoogle replacement have a new developer to watch! Josh Jordan has declared in iGoogle Discontinued – I might recreate it!: …I have started to turn the cogs on this project. I have some really interesting ideas

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What’s A Mouse To Do?

When in a position of strength, feign weakness! And bring a lot more mice! Have a great weekend! Stop by Monday morning to learn more and help with an act of defiance! Many thanks to Adrian Bruce for the free

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What Happens When A Daring Librarian Meets Protopage?

Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones, The Daring Librarian got busy recently and made a public Protopage. Wow! Nice sweet snarky fresh personal branding! Thanks for sharing Gwyneth!

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Give Penguin Pete A Little Love!

This is sad! He’s lonely at Google+ because it doesn’t do iGoogle and no one visits… Right now, it’s basically me and Linus Torvalds and two crickets. Even the crickets have given up chirping. Comment on his blog post, Six

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Third Party How To #1 – #3 – Netvibes

This is the first of an ongoing series on “how to” stories we find. Dr Frank Buck at the Get Organized! blog just finished a three-part series on making the move to Netvibes covering: No More iGoogle? What Will We

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Spring Cleaning Does Include Google Gadgets!

As far as we know, you’re going to hear this here first… Concerned iGoogle users and developers are well aware of “Spring cleaning in summer”, the Google blog post that has caused much angst. What escaped notice though is “An

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Why Save iGoogle? – #1 and #2

Here’s the first in a series. Look for all of them as a submenu item “” under Resources. Intelligence Gathering System ~ How to Create an iGoogle Listening Post, Scott Peterson, Relay Station Social Media Personal Learning Environment (PLE) ~

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