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Our iGoogle Alternative? We’re Going Home, igHome!

iGoogle’s demise is just a month away and it’s time to get ready to move. Our endorsement for an iGoogle replacement is igHome! We know, some of you may be asking, what took you so long? igHome’s been out there

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Time To Move On! Find Out Who We Endorse On Tuesday!

Remember this cartoon from back in August 2012 () We still feel the way we did then about Google retiring iGoogle. Unfortunately, it became pretty clear last November that the Save iGoogle Campaign was going nowhere. However, the rumors of

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What Have We Been Doing? This, That and November SaveiGoogle Day

Over the past month, we haven’t been hiding under a rock. There just hasn’t been much to write. Sure, we could have announced updates to the list or talked about when we made news. But, we didn’t see either as

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Save iGoogle Days Begin November 2! Google Blackout Days Cancelled!

Unlike Google, we take your input seriously! A Stop SOPA style monthly gadget blackout sounded like a good idea at the time, but will just add to user angst like that caused by Labpixies (a Google company) premature termination of

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Draft Alternatives List

Without further delay, our list is available. Please recognize this is a work in progress. We would like it to be complete too, but it takes time to identify alternatives, define a set of criteria for consistent evaluation and complete

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iGoogle Mobile Is Dead! Developer Signals Google To Foff!

In case anyone is still hoping it’s a bad joke, What’s happening to iGoogle? is being delivered. “Phase one” of iGoogle’s retirement is moving forward, albeit slowly.  At 9:16pm MDT last night we took the screenshot to the left. iGoogle

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How To #3 – Take the Hamster (and more!) to Netvibes and Protopage

Upon iGoogle’s demise, the gadget source code noted below will likely not work and may need to be further modified to use gadget code for Google Sites. A tutorial is found at Inserting Gadgets from iGoogle. Also, recognize that as

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How To #2 – Secure Your Netvibe!

We wondered if the two oft-noted most iGoogle-like replacements have SSL (aka HTTPS) security. Or, if we will be forever resigned to wondering if the Mark Zuckerberg wannabee sipping a caramel macchiato in the corner at the local Starbucks is

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How To #1 – Add iGoogle RSS Feeds to Netvibes and Protopage

This is the first of a series of ongoing “how to” posts produced here at You can also find this at our page listed under on the site menu. In “From iGoogle to Netvibes in 3 Easy Steps”, the

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Spring Cleaning Does Include Google Gadgets!

As far as we know, you’re going to hear this here first… Concerned iGoogle users and developers are well aware of “Spring cleaning in summer”, the Google blog post that has caused much angst. What escaped notice though is “An

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