Page of Swords in 3 Minutes

Page of Swords Upright Best Course of Action: Stick up for yourself. Fight any moodiness. Don’t give into fear or anxiety. Hang on to what you believe in, even in the face of opposition. Begin a writing or research project. Examine a proposal logically. Don’t let your emotions sweep you
up. Fight for mental clarity.
Page of Swords Reversed: Becoming overwhelmed by doubt or moodiness. Losing your way. Lack of clarity. Stumbling. Minor mistakes, especially in research, grammar, and math. Perhaps you are being attacked by a young person, especially a young or immature person acting unreasonably. Minor skirmishes and messy details. Being overly defensive.
Page of Swords Reversed Best Course: You may need to lay down your sword (idea) and retreat. Step back from a situation. Withdraw until you have more clarity. You may need to accept that someone will not or cannot hear you at this time. Expect minor mistakes and errors. Double-check details. You may need to cut ties with someone or something. You may need to accept you do not have clarity at this time. Make sure you are not acting in a knee-jerk manner.


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