ping request timed out solution

allow network discovery
check windows firewall
-open windows firewall
-goto inbound rule
-create new rule(given in right side)
-select custume rule
-select all program
-select protocol ‘ICMPv4’
-click on customize button
-select ICMP type
-select echo request and then ok
-select any ip add
-allow connection
-select ur network type then type rule name and apply it

check antivirus firewall(QUICKheal)
-Open quickHeal security
-goto internet & Network
-goto firewall protection
-config. ur advance firewall setting
-goto traffic Rule tab and search ‘ICMP’
-open it and allow echo and save it
-again goto advance setting and turn of stealth mode according to ur network profile and save it

for more reference
about ‘ICMP’ —


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