SAI vs Photoshop | Why I love Paint Tool SAI ♥

Are you finding yourself wondering what program each of your favorite artists are using and if that program is the one with the /secret/ to helping you feel more confident in your digital art? I’m here to shed some light on any questions or worries you’ve had about SAI and compare it to Adobe Photoshop ♥

It’s free to try out ~~

This video has been… months in development 😛 It has mostly been a labor of practice when it came to editing, but MOST OF ALL /TALKING/. I feel world’s more confident in putting together proper tutorial videos now ~ trial and error, guys 🙂 I’d love any and all feedback you have! MY NEXT video will be on how to find YOUR brush settings in SAI ♥

Stay safe and healthy~

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Music credits –
behind voice over
The Thought of You – Snake City
during speed paint
Box of Secrets – Sun Chime
Little Grethel Sun Chime
Little Did He Know – Sun Chime
Just for You and Me – Sun Chime
Snow Over City Hall – Sun Chime
You’ve Been the One – Sun Chime
Augury – Sun Chime
Life on Venus – Sun Chime

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