SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe OTG PenDrive USB A & USB Type C – UnboxNation

(Note: Please note the errors in video mentioned below)SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe – A tiny, efficient and light weight OTG dual pen drive that can be used with phones as well as pcs.
Errors in Video :
I miscalculated the speeds shown in the video between 2:33 to 2:42. I calculated with bits instead of bytes which is wrong and I ended up quoting 8 times faster speeds. Below are the corrected speeds.

Moving 6.05 GB of video and image files between phone and pendrive.

Internal Memory to Sandisk (Write speed) – 7 mins 38 seconds (13.2 MB/s approximately)

Sandisk to Internal Memory (Read speed) – 3 mins 57 seconds (25.5 MB/s approximately)


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(Official product page @ Western Digital)
(Data Sheet @ Western Digital)

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